Current Projects

Main contributors to State Channels, an open source project in pursuit of a single standard that enables a fully interoperable ecosystem of State Channel applications. Learn more at!

With support from Filecoin Grants, we are developing Nitro protocol in golang for use in the Filecoin ecosystem. This work lays the foundation of utilizing virtual channels in the Retrieval Market. Check out our grant proposal.

We will be announcing a new whitepaper soon!
We are developing the Stingy Asymmetric Fast Exit (SAFE) protocol, which aims to drastically reduce the cost for moving funds from a cheap chain (such as an optimistic roll-up) to an expensive chain (such as Ethereum mainnet) while maintaining trustlessness and security. Thus, this protocol would provide cheaper "fast exits" from ORUs to mainnet.

State Channel Applications

Here at Magmo, we are working towards our goal of building state channel networks, where users can interact off-chain with security — but with minimal cost and latency. To stress-test our protocols and other software, we build applications that utilize them.

To showcase the value of state channels, we built a proof of concept:

This browser based torrenting client demonstates the use of peer to peer state channel relationships, high frequency messaging and the ability to incentivize filesharing using micropayments. To learn more, read the accompanying blog post.

We've also built other simple and fun applications based off some well known games:

The process of building these application, as well as feedback we get from gamers and devs, is a great opportunity to learn how we could be doing things differently or better.

Check out our github repository!
Let us know what you're building through our discourse forum!
Or drop by our slack community!